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Now that you know what you want, understanding your options is the next step. Begin with one service or add on to the service to customize your needs and have the experience you're looking for. 


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If you are searching for ways to begin your spiritual practice, this is the perfect place to begin. We can use the last few minutes discussing future options or how to move forward.

Schedule a one on one coaching sessions to prepare or dive right in

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ADD ON: extend your appointment time and additional cost

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Times for in person session are 9am - 12pm, Monday, Wednesday & Fridays based on availability. 

In person small group session pricing is not listed. To schedule in person, please email to set up. 

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ADD ONS: Yoga Nidra can be in included in your session time at no additional cost but will reduce your one on one personalized session. 

Trauma & Tension Release must be done in person extending your session time & there is an additional cost. In person times are Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9 - 12pm.

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Group Calls

If you're looking for more than a once a month session to help you dive deeper into your wellness journey, I offer different supportive options. 

  • Individual, weekly or twice / month, Zoom sessions with weekly text support & check ins

    • Add on: Yoga Nidra part of your session (no additional cost)

    • Add on: Cultivation & Expansion of Energy (no additional cost)

    • Add on: Spiritual Reading (additional cost)

    • 90 Day & 180 Day commitment options

  • Add on: Trauma Release (additional cost)​

  • Group, weekly Zoom sessions

    • monthly email with tools to help you move forward

    • Book Club reading tailored to the month's focus.

    • Add on: Yoga Nidra part of your session (no additional cost)

    • Add on: Cultivation & Expansion of Energy (no additional cost)

    • Begins the 1st of every month. Schedule of Zoom Session Meet Up announced.

    • 90 Day & 180 Day commitment options.

If one of these options interests you, please reach out and let's begin your journey.

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For group costs, please reach out and we'll be happy to schedule something for your group.

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