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Lotus in Bloom

Hi, my name is Polly

I'm a teacher & psychic, intuitive guide skilled in ancient, alternative & holistic modalities of the body and mind.

My mission is to help others tap into their healing abilities to release and let go. Provide help, resources, guidance and information that will create powerful paradigm shifts of healing. All the modalities I teach and guide you clients through help teach them ways to rewire their brain, raise their life force energy and find their true nature of peace, bliss and daily gratitude.

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There is a fine line that is very much felt when you cross over through cultural mythology and history and societal norms. Becoming BABAYLAN is not something I asked for... and it's not something I was aware of fully for a very long time. It didn't click with me until right before my 50th birthday. Looking back, I realize now... all the training I was receiving was happening in my life. 

There are two ways to become a babaylan. Most babaylans inherit their status from an older babaylan and apprentice under them for many years. However, some babaylan experience what is termed as shamanistic initiatory crisis, a shamanic illness or madness. This is how I was selected. 


Around the age of 5, we lived in the Philippines.... I began bleeding from my nose, my mouth, eyes and ears. My mother took me to a female "doctor" high in the mountains. I was instructed to drink something and woke up later in my bed. After that event, I began seeing things, hearing things and having a natural knowing.

I've been able to use my gifts & abilities in conjunction with my training in alternative and holistic modalities and life coaching to hone in on areas to help my clients move in a direction faster.


I possess varying degrees of all the claire senses and other psychic abilities I use to  help guide others to move through their trauma such as...


  • has the gift of foresight, tracing a person’s pain to their root causes, energetically freeing blockages in the body and mind

  • realign a person’s spine, hips and pelvis without any physical manipulation

  • intuitive, psychic guidance

  • cultivate, expand and raise life force energy to help others heal & let go.

  • see timelines, manipulate the dream state and go back to rewrite events in a dream.

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Book a One-on-One Session
and decide if this is the path you should take


My focus in Alternative & Ancient Holistic Modalities. I knew I wanted to understand cultures and the dynamics of existing in groups, which led me to receiving a degree in Sociology. I quickly learned on this path to understanding groups you need to take in account a groups, a culture and a person's trauma. The immediate rippling effect of trauma is as powerful as the genetic inheritance of trauma through our DNA and hidden in our junk DNA.  


I decided to study TRE and attended an intense training under Dr. David Bercelli and his teachers on staff. This led me to further my knowledge and travel to Colorado and study under Paul Darby.


I began combining my trainings with modalities I studied and my babaylan abilities. I went on to study Yoga Nidra at the Satchidananda Yogaville Ashram  in Virginia. The beauty of this practice and its serene quiet blissfulness led me to study in India at the Integral Yoga Institute in Coimbatore, India. I  deepen my studies in Integral Yoga that integrates pranayama, meditation, ayuvedic asanas / postures, sanskrit chants, eye yoga for clarity and yoga nidra. This study led me to solo trek to Nepal to further deepen my practice of meditation. 

During this time in India & Nepal, I was taking an intensive coaching program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition that helps you coach others through internal struggles and understand their own unique bio-individuality. 


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Before I went off to India in 2019, I decided to let my hair go grey. No one was doing it at the time, but I was tired of fighting to stay the same. I know now... looking back this was symbolic to the brutal transformation I would go through while training in another country... and what was in store for me when I returned.

Much of who we are in western society is based on how we look. Getting older may be viewed as a sign of wisdom... for women it's like becoming out dated milk. At some point, you can no longer be a sexual being. You can no longer have your own autonomy... You can no longer be you, you must be the roles you've chosen; motherhood, being a grandparent or wife... You lose your identity.

When I decided to go grey, 99% of the people I knew or were close to me warned me not to... They informed me I would look old... That it would take away from my looks. I never understood that. But what I did realize, what ever I chose to believe... affected me on a cellular level.

I did begin to age, my body ached, my eyes looked tired... my skin did too. I was feeding my mind full of ideas that were not in alignment with who I really was... but I began implementing that belief system into my body. 

It is true. We can manifest and create the life we want... We have total control over doing so... And our body will listen... the universe will listen... You will pull into your realm of existence what you believe to be true. 

At 52, I've come full circle and now share what I've learned and the tools I've used to come to a place of healing and happiness.

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