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"We are all born with this innate ability to heal ourselves. Everyone's journey is unique to themselves. We are amazing beings living what could be our most amazing adventures if we are not anchored by moments holding us still."


I'm always at a loss of what to write when it comes to describing myself. So, I'm going to do things a little a different. Below I'm going to answer frequent questions I receive about myself from clients, social platforms, emails, speaking engagements, classes and seminars I've hosted and been a part of.

How old are you and is your hair naturally grey? In January 2022, I turned 51 and I embraced the journey of going naturally grey at the end of 2018 before leaving for India January 2nd, 2019.

How did you get into helping others with trauma? I began like many do.I wanted to help those around me I love me. I wanted to be a service to others. My partner back then was a firefighter and I began introducing holistic modalities to the fire department to help their men. I then was asked to help a local, under-privilege high school where students were struggling daily with their home life, hungry, tired, being bullied and the crime rate higher in this smaller community than the larger metro area.

Do you really have these abilities of seeing timelines, shifting organs, realigning bones and structures of people's bodies? Can you really help others find their path? Yes. Like anything we focus on we become better at. When I was young living in the Philippines, something happened to me that my parents couldn't explain. My mom took me to a "doctor" living in the mountains. My mother and her consulted in another room while I waiting in the grass hut... I remember the floor was dirt packed like concrete... Besides all my studies, my education and schooling focused on holistic modalities I've spent decades immersed in...  I was chosen through an initiation process when I was young into the Babaylan, filipino, female shamanism. 


I really started by just deciding to do yoga in a professional setting. I was already practicing yoga on my own for decades and decided to "learn" how to really do it. I quickly realized how I was doing things sounded and was very different from my teachers and other students. 

Traditional Education

Degree in Sociology that I forgotten I received until 2 years ago*. I didn't even connect the dots when I went on for a masters in Museum Studies which I later decided to withdraw from. I realized I enjoyed the museum more than I enjoyed being behind the scenes.  *trauma blocks out chunks of time and we also minimize our personal success to stay small. 


I'm a certified yoga teach and studying in Oklahoma and later in an immersion program in southern India at the Institute of Integral Yoga. I went on to study Yoga Nidra at the Integral Yoga Institute at an ashram in Virginia under a master practitioner and author who specializes in Yoga Nidra, the Yogic Sleep. My focus is in pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.

Intuitive Coaching

​I'm a certified IIN Integrative Life & Health Coach with an emphasis on bio-individuality life coaching. This in depth course of studies helped me to understand how to properly coach someone with diverse needs. I'm able to assist in mapping out where you are, where you want to be... and where you DO NOT want to be anymore. In order to live a balanced life, you have to be able to look at your life as a whole; leveling up areas where you are falling short without falling backwards as you move forward.

Years of being a physical trainer, I'm able to help you on your fitness journey and look at your views of food in relation to your overall wellbeing. This is integral to your journey, whether you're doing this alone or with others. 

Spiritual Abilities

I believe I was born with these gifts in a subtler form and then selected to become a babaylan, a female filipino shaman. Filipinos either ask to learn and study under other babaylans for the entirety of their lives or are chosen through an initiation process from some form of medical anomaly. Mine was the later. 


When I was six, I began bleeding from my face... my eyes... then my nose... my ears and then my mouth. My mother took me to a doctor, a female, filipino shaman, living in the remote mountains where I was asked to drink "rainwater" to help cure me. After this event, things began to happen... I could see things, hear things.. and know things.


My ability to realign spines, hips, pelvis and chase your pains through your body to the root of it's cause without a person sharing with me their history is only a fraction of what is capable. During energetic realignment, I am to shift organs and remove blockages. When working with people face to face or on zoom, I am able to tap into things that help guide them; not push them forward. I teach clients how to expand, cultivate and raiser their own personal vibration. When you are able to do this, you soon begin to realize your field of potential in all areas of your life. 

Releasing Trauma

During my search of healing, I was introduced to a form of trauma release and went on to study directly under the founder of the modality and its head of Board of Directors in North America. Because I've chosen to utilize my other skills in addition to the trauma release training, I branched off.  I found this intense training highly important to my path and share some of this modality with my clients in addition to the other modalities to reach a heightened sense of peace and healing in each session.

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