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Finding your flow is important. If you need group support and accountability, choosing an online Zoom Group Course would be the perfect fit. The difference between the Monthly Zoom Group and the Zoom Group Courses is one is a course of material and the other is a monthly group that meets as a way of accountability, staying on path and tackling the hard things. Groups helps reduce the cost for a person. In a group setting the cost is about 50% or more lower in cost being the less expensive option other than working in a one on one session. 


Allows you to connect with others on a similar journey, meet others and find tribal support you may not currently have in your daily life. I offer different types of group sessions that can be combined with other sessions or done alone. Different topics are explored in the courses available. Now offering an accountability monthly group to help you stay on path



These type of sessions allows the focus to be on you completely. This is a much more private guidance session with the option of trauma & tension release modalities. If you are nervous and don't know where to start, beginning here is a great way to feel things out and determine where to go after a session.


  • ONSITE Intuitive Guidance and Healing with OPTION of either Energetic Spinal Realignment or Trauma & Tension Release ($350)

  • ZOOM Intuitive Guidance & Healing (Cost $100)

  • ZOOM Intuitive Guidance & Healing with a Reading (Cost $125)

  • ZOOM Intuitive Guidance & Healing with Trauma Release ($250)




Normally, those seeking to change paths or find their way often feel alone on their journey. In this group setting, you are able to connect with like minded and like hearted individuals from all backgrounds and ages all working together in a course of study for deeper understanding of self and the topic.

  • zoom classes are 60 minutes in length

  • private WhatsApp group chat to discuss coursework, share and experience feelings of support and connection

  • courses have an outline agenda to support the course topic. 

  • Additional course work to help you deepen and strengthen your course knowledge (not mandatory)

Course Topics


February 2023

Abundance & Abandonment

  • The Root Chakra, Energy, Self Love and putting yourself first.

  • How to not take things personally

  • yoga nidra session to help open up blockages in alignment with course

  • 5pm CSTFeb 19th & 26th

  • 60 minutes / class

  • $150

March 2023

Night Traveler - Dreaming

  • learn and understand the power of dreaming​

  • connection between yoga nidra and dreaming

  • dream recognition cycles

  • how to begin lucid dreaming

  • recording dreams

  • yoga nidra session to help open up blockages in alignment with this course

  • Sundays, 6:30pm CST

  • March 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th

  • 60 minute class

  • $400
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 12.37.04 PM.png

February 2023

The Golden Hour

This powerful time of the day teaches us so much. If you've ever longed for home; a place you've never been this course is for you.


You will learn...

  • how to call into your primal energy

  • connect to source energy through the sun chakra.

  • Learn modalities to add into your daily practice to connect back to your ancestral roots.


  • Mondays, 6pm CST 

  • 13th, 20th & 27th

  • 60 minute zoom group class

  • COST: $200

Every Month


Are you having visions, have a desire and goal but everyone thinks it's not practical. This monthly group aligns your spiritual, dreamer side to this earthly, physical realm.


You will learn each month

  • how to hold yourself accountable, be vulnerable and do the work to get closer to your dream goal and how to get the work done

  • More information below

  • Every other Monday

  • Begins Feb 13th

  • 7:30pm CST

  • 60 minute zoom group class

  • COST: $222


Vision Boarding & Goal Planner


Motivation doesn't get you moving; movement does and it is the KEY ingredient to staying on path. Movement is important. If it's living your dream, hiking the El Camino, doing a half marathon or just waking up everyday learning how to move past the anchors holding your mentally, emotionally and spiritually still. Movement is key to motivation and realigning with your purpose. It helps you sleep better, take on challenges and live an authentic life aligned to you. It's easier to fall off than you think and find yourself with lost weeks due to depression unaware until the haze or fog has lifted.


This is an accountability group that supports you doing the work to keep moving. If you are struggling with trauma and emotional roadblocks, you will always have the opportunity to schedule a one on one personal session for additional guidance. 

In this group, you will be checking in and holding yourself to an honest, vulnerable level of integrity to get the work done. Everyone struggles, you don't have to... but it's extremely common among even the most successful to keep going. Having a daily routine in place will help you to keep moving. 

  • You will learn how to plan out your week, hold yourself accountable & do the work to meet your goal and get the hard things done.

  • You will make sure the things you do weekly are aligned with your monthly goal that is aligned with your bigger 6 month and one year goal.

  • You will uncover the roadblocks, time wasters and signs that have you falling off. 


  • Monthly Zoom Groups will meet twice a month for 60 minutes.

  • These are private groups of up to 10 people with everyone working towards their own personal goal

  • This group is aligned with the Action Planner, a 4 Week Planner pdf, to help you stay on track and use as a daily 4 week guide. Planner sold separately, but only needs to be purchased once COST: $

  • Option to sign up month by month, 3 month commitment or 6 months. 

  • Cost $222 / month

  • every other Monday, 7:30pm CST

  • Begins Feb 13th


This type of group can be done in addition to one on one sessions, yoga nidra group sessions or Zoom Group courses

Vison Board


YOGA NIDRA is one of the most powerful modalities to help you heal yourself and find physical, emotional and mental peace.  This is not a physical practice. All you need is a comfortable place to recline or lay down in an area where you will not be disrupted. All levels are able to participate.


During Yoga Nidra, your life force energy flows through your body crossing over energy centers / chakras linked to your physical and emotional body. During the session, you are guided in how to tap into your life force energy, raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. Through instruction you will be guided through a process where the layers of who you are come back to oneness; your true self.


  • Feelings of being out of body

  • a sense of euphoria

  • tension and physical pains lessened or gone

  • mental and emotional clarity

  • messages from spirit guides

  • calm and reassurance things are working out


  • Weekly Zoom Group session

  • Tuesdays, 7:30pm CST - 8:30pm CST

  • Cost $20 / class through end of March 2023


  • Due to the low cost of the session and the numbers enrolled, cancelling & rescheduling would increase the cost of the class.

  • ​If you are not able to attend. Please forward your registration to someone you feel would benefit from the session.

  • Refunds are not offered for this Yoga Nidra Zoom Group Sessions. 

1 ON 1


One on One Session

This is one of the most powerful sessions available. Learning how to tap into your abilities, knowing your worth, grounding yourself, creating a plan while working with a powerful babaylan, filipino shaman, and trained specialist in the areas of alternative and holistic modalities to releasing trauma, meditation, pranayama, mind mapping and creating a plan to help you move forward.


These type of sessions allows the focus to be on you completely. This is a much more private guidance session with the option of trauma & tension release modalities. If you are nervous and don't know where to start, beginning here is a great way to feel things out and determine where to go after a session.

One on One: Description of Services



In this session

  • discover what's anchoring you still and release those attachments.

  • tap into your spiritual gifts, raise your vibration and understand the power of your words 

  • eliminate self limiting beliefs, learn how not to take things personally

  • free yourself from society's expectations bringing you back to your true self.

  • learn tools to help you daily

  • opportunity to dive deeper to embrace your natural and spiritual gifts.

  • opportunity to experience methods such as energy cultivation and expansion, pranayama, meditation, the importance of fasting, taking risks, saying yes, putting yourself first



This powerful process of realigning your spine, hips and pelvis. This process opens up your chakra, energy, circulatory and respiratory systems. You will feel the immediate benefits of the realignment. You will experience the untangling and lengthening of your body as it moves naturally and organically. This process happens through energetic entrainment and without any physical manipulation.


This experience moves many to a feeling of gratitude as they feel their heart energy expanding and opening up as the flow of spinal fluid flows uninterrupted by blockages. You will feel yourself begin to elevate; a feeling of levitation and connection to a higher power. You will immediately become taller as your spine experiences decompression. This type of session is done in person in a one on one session.


A reading is done through the use of a pendulum and done either in person or on zoom in a one on one session. You will be able to ask questions and receive answers in real time. You will witness tangible proof of communication. I use a crystal pendulum with a pendulum chart (tattooed on the palm of my left hand)



Trauma stored as tension in muscles, tissues and organs of your body naturally. Your body will move organically on it's own releasing tension from physical and emotional trauma moving energy through blockages being held in the body. Areas congested with stagnant energy will begin to release allowing space internally allowing you to deepen your breath and feel physically free. Your body will feel an immediate sense of relief as it resets itself through natural realignment and releasing emotional, energetic and physical tensions stored throughout your body. Each additional session allows your body to release the traumas further back in your life; stored deeper in your subconscious. These tensions congesting your energetic & physical body have been holding your body still. Once released, you feel the spaciousness within you and envisioning a life of more allows you to take risks and a deeper self love.

Intuitive Guidance

One on One: Session Options

  • ONSITE Intuitive Guidance and Healing with OPTIONS of either

    • Energetic Spinal Realignment

    • or Trauma & Tension Release

    • $350 Wednesdays located in the Oklahoma City Metro Area

    • Schedule Session

  • ZOOM Intuitive Guidance & Healing

    • $100

  • ZOOM Reading

    • $60

  • ZOOM Intuitive Guidance & Healing with Trauma Release

    • $250

  • Monthly options which include weekly sessions are available.

    • Prices vary based on the type of sessions.

    • In person, In person & zoom mix, zoom sessions only.

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