Join Us in Costa Rica

 August 23rd through 27th, 2022

  • Tap into your personal power in Costa Rica by releasing what's holding your back

  • Release and remove the tension created by trauma in your body through methods that bring you peace & happiness. You won't be reliving the process, you will be creating space in your body as it naturally begins to reset and realign itself.

  • Find alignment by understanding your purpose

  • Discover & cultivate a higher vibration of healing yourself and others.

  • Naturally release tension stored in your body from trauma without reliving it.

  • Turn back time through learning how holistic cell regeneration works, receive a personal gift to use daily and take home with you.


Check out the INCLUDED section below!


  •  5 days and 5 nights

  • Experience a powerful transformation

  • Field trips to rivers, local waterfalls, volcano, beach and the jungle will only magnify the benefits of each of the modalities available to you during the retreat. 

  • Trauma Release Sessions with Yoga Nidra ($250 / session included e/day for VIP $1250 value, select days for rest of group)

  • Daily Journaling Group Session with prompts and guidance to release anchoring moments through powerful, grateful introspection

  • Powerful 1-on1, Intuitive Guidance session ($125 / session included e/day for VIP $625 value, select days for rest of group)

  • Develop a personal resolve that will carry you through the rest of your life.

  • ESR, Energetic Spinal Realignment ($175 / session e/day for VIP $875 value, select days for rest of group)

  • Learn each day a different form of powerful meditation to bring you into your body appreciating your senses and the world around you.

  • Learn how to cultivate and expand your own energy and raise your personal vibration. (priceless)

  • Experience powerful techniques that moves you & changes you in the alpha (manifesting & bending your personal reality), theta (solidifying and changing the mechanics of the wiring of your thoughts) & delta (cell regeneration, recovery, healing, helps with ptsd, anxiety and depression) brainwave frequencies

  • Meals and group accommodations included in a luxury lodge (see video below)

  • Shuttles from / to airport and field trips.

  • Certificate of Completion, Release Your Inner Badass, acknowledging your completion in this deep, powerful immersion experience.


  • Immediate benefits after each session / modality that give you a natural euphoric feeling of well being.

  • Experience practices that help you remove / reduce pain in your body

  • Learn how to fuel your body for optimal healing through nutrition

  • Reconnect with yourself by learning how to step and become a silent observer to your senses. By doing this you are able to learn how to regulate your feelings and understand why you feel they way you do.

  • Learn modalities to bring you back to center and ground yourself

  • Learn how to raise your vibration through mediation and energy cultivation exercises

  • Experience the beauty and cultural diversity of Costa Rica. Take in the sites while experiencing a healing modality to reset yourself. Reconnect with nature in one of the most bio-diverse countries. You will have time to explore Costa Rica's beautiful country and sites with a group of people all on a journey.

  • Organic diet filled with nutrients to help you heal your body and gut.

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 3.52.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 3.49.28 PM.png


Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic. If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know. There will be a private chef onsite to prepare the meals. When we go on field trips you will be provided with a sack lunch. While at V SPA COST RICA, you will have breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinners provided. On field trips, there maybe time we will choose as a group to enjoy the local cuisine. During these times, you will want to bring money for food. 


Beautiful lodge with kitchen, dinning space, caveats for privacy, beautiful grounds and outside seating. Rooms are large with three queen size bunkbeds in each room. Private bathrooms, lounge area and group rooms. The entire lodge has a very organic vibe with bohemian vibes and decor. You will be able to stargaze and enjoy the beautiful night sky from the location of the spa. This location allows you to see the sunrise on the 


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. There will be outside excursions. You must be able to be mobile.  I suggest if you are not an active person, to check with your doctor before beginning any form of exercise. Begin some sort of physical activity so you can thoroughly enjoy walking on Hermosa Beach, gentle intermediate hike up Banal Cloudy Forest and the Irazu Volcano. 


  • $1,500 / person

  • $2,500 VIP Experience: Imagine this retreat experience times 3. Personal one on one access to me and with map out plan of healing, letting go... tapping into the life you want. Includes Mind-Mapping to determine what you really want out of life... eliminating what you don't. $2,000 VIP for previous clients.

  • Group pricing available for those who want to attend as a group with family, friends or a business
    (4 people $5,000 or 8 people $10,000)

  • Special pricing for locals living in Costa Rica. Please reach out for this special price.

  • 20% off Group pricing for military, law enforcement, first responders, teachers & nurses.

  • Special pricing and early bird options have expired.

*Does not airfare, personal spending money. 


Flights are not included in the price of the retreat. Airport to fly into & out of will be SJO (link provided below) into San Jose. A shuttle to and from the airport will be provided. Shuttle service is provided for travel to field trip locations.


Check-In: available Monday, August 22nd. Check-Out: Sunday, August 28th. If you arrive early on Monday, you will have time to connect with others and visit San Jose or enjoy the grounds. If you would like to stay longer in Costa Rica, we will help provide information on where to stay.


  • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before retreat start date.