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In this simple guide, I will help you learn to breath from a place of peace instead of trauma.


You will learn how to open up and deepen your breath to create more oxygen flowing through your body by doing a simple, daily exercise.

This free PDF is an introduction to the way you breathe and how to move forward using your breath as a tool to combat trauma. Learn to Let Go & Find Peace.

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As an intuitive, free-spirited being, there is no single way to live. There are no guidelines and no particular path to follow which can leave many of us feeling lost and wondering, "What is our purpose?".


When we decide to do discipline ourselves with a routine of practices that help us tap into our intuitive side, we begin to experience synchronicities and receive message that we are on the right path.

Use this journal to record your weekly card pull. Allow this journal to help you become your own guide as you tap into your intuitive, personal power illuminating your path. You will begin to see moments that are a reflection of the very question you've asked for the week.

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Everyone is born with a gift, an ability... a knowing. We are all connected to source energy and to each other. Although our gifts may be different from each other and with varying degrees of power, learning tools to help us strengthen our connection is powerful. With a purposeful, disciplined practice we strengthen our abilities giving us clarity, direction and raise our personal vibration opening our heart energy.

When I began my journey, I choose a set of oracle cards. I had no idea what I was doing, but connecting to my higher self and source energy gave me the courage to keep on a path that has led me to place of healing. I began to trust my inner compass. I understood I was not alone. And type of trust has led me to a place where I understood what my body needed to heal.

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Each day of the week is a new prompt that brings you full circle into your higher self. You will be able to uncover things that anchor in place and learn how to free yourself and open yourself up to a higher version of yourself, for the greater good of this world.

Reuse the same prompts every week and you'll be able to gauge your journey by being able to go back and see how fast and how much you're evolving.


Purchase and download the pdf with friends and begin your own group of personal healing while developing a tribe of support.

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This is a four week journey to where ever you want to go. You can use this simple course to heal, to discover or to find your voice. You can use this venture to uncover your passion, know and understand the power of your purpose... Take this time and lean into yourself; trusting your intuitive self.


You are the guide. This program is the flashlight lighting up the path before you.


Whatever your purpose is for deciding to show up here on the page; just know you are brave and physically strong for doing so.

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Our breath is a powerful barometer to the life we've been living. You'll be asked to explore moments of stillness. You'll begin to recognize patterns within yourself. Are you holding your breath? Are you a very silent breather? Do you almost appear to not breathe at all? There is so much knowledge and moments of introspection that you will be able to embrace during this course.

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Most of the time we can feel the subtle changes in our bodies and notice when our mind begins to wander to places of anxiety or teetering on the edge of depression. We might feel our minds racing, but don't understand why it's happening. When we feel the subtle shifts happening within us, it's important to interrupt this process and reset our mind. By doing this we are also able to reset our bodies and return to a place of "safety" preventing ourselves from overworking our systems. This breath is like flipping a switch on your ANS, autonomic nervous system, feeling the immediate benefits

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The power of this breath will become the foundation of your breathing practices from this point forward.

You will be able to expand your lung capacity by 7 times.... The depth, length and expansion of your breath will allow you tap into a place of stillness, quiet, calmness and healing.

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This weekly workbook helps you see the bigger picture. You'll be able to dissect your week, create a plan, hold yourself accountable and be able to answer the hard questions to prepare you for either the check-ins via email or our zoom sessions.


You can choose to begin your workbook on your own and when you're ready, book a session. This workbook is included in Option 4 & Option 5 of working with me on a 3 month or 6 month plan.  

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