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Cultivate & Expand Your Energetic Field to Heal + YOGA NIDRA 

WHERE: Oklahoma City Metro. Location will be sent prior to event to ensure enough space

TIME: Saturday 12/10 at 11am to 1pm CST. Session begins at 11:30, VIPs are to arrive at 11am

WHEN: December 10th, 2022


  • $50 Admission

  • $90 VIP includes Energetic Spinal Realignment (3 Spots Only!)

This is my first personal, large group seminar and session. And if you've been on my lives, a personal client or in my zoom group courses, you so you may get way more than you've signed up for. My enthusiasm can be a lot to handle. But I'm excited to share with you as much as I can in this first session! I will be covering as much as I can below

  • You will learn a practice to help cultivate and expand your energetic field to help you move through blockages. Blockages are not limited to emotional, mental or energetic.

  • You will learn how to change your body instantaneously through raising your vibration and the power of thought.

  • You will learn how to create a road map to finding what makes you happy, your passion... your Reason for Being.

  • Yoga Nidra session at the end to help you seal in the knowledge of this practice, release tension stored in the body from trauma (workouts, physical trauma, emotional, etc).

  • You will learn a simple breathing practice and a way to create a meditation practice or add on to your current practice. 


  • option to bring a yoga mat if you choose to do the yoga nidra laying down. Some may prefer a chair or seated on the floor against the wall.

  • Bring a small blanket or socks. Your body cools down in yoga nidra and you will get cold.

  • a note pad or journal to take notes if you wish.


  • Recording the seminar is prohibited.

  • Devices will need to placed on airplane mode during the session to avoid interruptions and the flow of the seminar.

  • VIP will need to be present by 11am. Your Energetic Spinal Realignment will begin before the seminar. These sessions are not private.

Dec 22 OKC
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Learn my Simple & Powerful Method

of  Meditation


WHEN December 14th, 2022 at 7:30pm CST

COST: $100

This MEDITATION & ENERGY group gathering & course will help you stay on path and centered.


  • You'll learn how to set aside time and create a space for yourself.

  • I'll go over a pranayama practice to help you for meditation.

  • You'll learn how to set an intention that will be your focus for YOUR meditation.

  • Experience a 15 - 20 minute full mediation session

You will be able to be part of an ever changing group, magnifying your efforts, being part of a collective elevating their lives.

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 6.54.24 PM.png

8 Week Course Zoom Group

BEGIN 2023



DATES: January 1st - February 19th, 2023


$400 Paid in Full (LIMITED TIME)


$250 Month / 2 Months

$75 Week / 8 Weeks


  • Take an ACTIVE ROLE in HEALING yourself.

  • DEFINE your PURPOSE & why it's IMPORTANT now more than ever!

  • BEGIN THE NEW YEAR on path!

  • CREATE a DAILY ROUTINE for healing with AYURVEDIC practices

  • REMOVE energetic blockages & CONNECT. 

  • RAISE your LIFE FORCE & vibration to ATTRACT the life you WANT!

  • EMBRACE where you're at right now & learn how to move forward.

  • Create a plan & understand what MANIFESTING really is

  • LET GO of energetic drains and anchors




Have a notebook to take personal notes during the session.  Because of the information we will be covering and working with energy cultivation and expansion, technical difficulties may happen. 

8 week group 2
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