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Blue Skies


Energy has the power to transform us into someone we want to be and someone we don't. The ability to call things in... manifest and create the life we believe we deserve. There is energy that moves through two channels, nadis. As energy moves through them they cross over and intersect each chakra in the body. As the energy moves through the channels opening the chakras. When energy centers in your body opens up and there are no blockages the energy flow moves freely, uninhibited. What we believe and surround ourselves either limits us or opens up our field of potential. 


What does TUNING IN mean?  It means becoming / being aware of yourself, thoughts coming to you, how your body feels and the depth of your breath.


If you feel physically uncomfortable, is it an ache or pains? Is it from sitting still or being uncomfortable in your skin? If your pelvis begins to ache... make a silent reminder of that ache and do research on the Sacral Chakra. If your shoulders ache, make a mental note of that and explore after your meditation session the burdens, daily stressors or weight you've been carrying. It's natural to be uncomfortable in the beginning; even those that have practiced for a long time still feel uncomfortable at times.


Tuning in will bring thoughts to the surface. Allow the thoughts to come to you and through you by stepping back and becoming a silent observer to those thoughts. Acknowledge them but do not become an involved in the thought. You can do this later; you'll have a clearer sense of what to do.

Blue Skies
Stone Balancing


Many think it's clearing and emptying your mind, sitting still and trying not to focus on anything. The way I teach my students to is to be aware of the process in the beginning. To set a timer for 5, 10, 15 or more minutes... To find yourself a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and tune in(to yourself). 

It's not a practice of clearing or emptying your mind where there is no thought. It's a ritual of coming back to your true self, a place of peace... also known as atman. is a practice in which an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.


It's important to have a space, even if that space is folded blanket you place in front of a window before your practice. 


Use a white scarf or white shirt that you will put on for meditation and take off afterwards. The clothing you wear during meditation absorbs the energy of the practice.


Some burn incense to set the tone of the meditation and clear the space. I use Nam Champa incense. The smell of the Dragon Blood incense reminds me of being inside of the temples in India which I find takes me deeper into meditation. The incense will warm your space and your body.


Some choose to hold a crystal in their hand and some like crystals around their space. There is no right or wrong way. The more you practice, the easier and deeper your mediations will go.

Avoid having a clutter space for meditation. If you are in a borrowed space, be yourself. Remember meditation is one of the most powerful holistic practices that help many heal, find clarity and purpose in their lives


Blue Skies


The simple answer is yes. While many psychics use different methods and tools to connect. I use the pendulum along with my psychic abilities to help you receive the answers to the questions you want answered. During a reading the questions you ask will form a story that will take on a direction of it's own. Questions and concerns will surface before you verbally share your questions. I use the pendulum because this is the item that provides clarity like a compass. The pendulum chart I use is tattooed on my left palm shortly after blessing lands and asking permission to harvest crops in Oklahoma. The tangible proof as the pendulum swings allows those asking the questions to see proof and certainty of its answers.

Blue Skies
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This is an in person session is a powerful energetic realignment of your spine, hips and pelvis. You will feel you spine decompress and create space between each vertebra. The process is simple and there is no physical manipulation. I'll trace the energetic outline of your body to raise your energy to meet mine. As we check certain focus points on your body, your body will naturally begin to sway, move, elongate and compress to restructure itself. This process has a powerful euphoric feeling and there is not pain involved. 


During this process, I will feel disturbances in my body that are in yours. We'll be able to move through these to raise your life force energy. I'll receive information that relates to experiences causing the blockages and dis-ease in your body. Some of the information will be about physical conditions that are in the process of is a chronic illness. Before the session, we will do pranayama to ground and reduce any feelings of anxiety. You will only need to stay open and receptive during the process.

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