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If I had to share who I am...

I would say, I help people move through the trauma stored in the muscles, tissues and organs of their physical body... while helping them move through energetic blockages that manifest physically within their body. Because of my abilities linked to my ancestors and filipino spiritual healers... I have the gift of foresight, timelines and moments where I can see you in your moment of life when you had a paradigm shift based in trauma that shifted your personal trajectory. I work with alternative and holistic modalities to guide and support you on your journey to a place of healing...

Polly Lila Behringer


Polly is a Trauma Specialist with a focus in Alternative & Ancient Holistic Modalities. Her degree in Sociology led her on the path to wanting to understanding traumas rippling effect from one person into the lives of those close to them... Quickly she learned its effects not only impacted people they knew directly, but others they may have influenced indirectly.


She studied Trauma Release under Dr. David Bercelli and Paul Darby and went on to modifying the approach to use yogic practices in addition with her ancestral gifts and abilities. She’s helped many Oklahoma City Firefighters, who were working through on the job traumas and some that were part of the rescue teams of the Murrah Bombing.


She studied at the Integral Yoga Institute in Coimbatore, India and at their US ashram in Virginia. Her yoga study is in meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, Yoga Nidra (a guided experience that takes you into a deeper brave-wave state that can’t be reached through conventional sleep) and the Ayurveda approach to yoga practices.


At the age of 5, she was selected to become a Filipino shaman known in her culture as a Babaylan. She was given the gift of foresight, tracing a person’s pain to their root causes, energetically freeing blockages in the body and mind, realigning a person’s spine, hips and pelvis without any physical manipulation, guidance, healing at a supernatural pace and expanding a person’s energy to help them raise their own which leads them to healing and releasing internal anchors and blockages. She has the ability to work with large groups and still be able to tune into individuals feeling their pain, blockages and places of concern and grieving. She is able to see timelines, manipulate the dream state and go back to rewrite events in a dream.


She graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Bio-Individuality and Life Coaching to seamlessly blend her modalities, practices, focus of studies and gifts into an Intuitive Guidance and Healing coaching business.

She is currently pursuing Psychology in Dream Studies and Oneirology to understand the human consciousness on a deeper level, extrasensory experiences, neural and brain science.

Traditional Education

Degree in Sociology that I forgotten I received until almost 2 decades later. I didn't even connect the dots when I went on to pursue a masters.  Trauma blocks out chunks of time and we also minimize our personal success to stay small. 


I'm a certified Yoga Teacher with an emphasis on Yoga Nidra, the Awaken Sleep, pranayama and meditation. Everybody is different and beginning from a different starting place. I help them move through the obstacles through a mindful practice of stepping back and being a silent observer. This method allows a person to approach their journey from a place of grace.

Intuitive Coaching

​I'm a certified IIN Integrative Life & Health Coach with an emphasis on bio-individuality and life coaching. This course of study has helped me to help others by combining my skills, abilities and practices to each person from the place they are.  I help them map out where they are, where they want to be, where they don't want   to be and create a path. 

Spiritual Abilities

I believe I was born with these gifts in a subtler form and then selected to become a babaylan for reasons I am unsure of. To become a babaylan you either ask to learn and study under another babaylan or are chosen through an initiation process of a medical anomaly. Mine was the later. 


When I was around five years old, I began bleeding from my face... my eyes... then my nose... my ears and then my mouth. My mother took me to a doctor, a female, filipino shaman, living in the remote mountains where I was asked to drink "rainwater" to help cure me. After this event, things began to happen... I could see things, hear things.. and know things.


My ability to realign spines, hips, pelvis and chase your pains through your body to the root of it's cause without a person sharing with me their history is only a fraction of what is capable. During energetic realignment, I am to shift organs and remove blockages. When working with people face to face or on zoom, I am able to tap into things that help guide them; not push them forward. 


I teach clients how to expand, cultivate and raiser their own personal vibration. When you are able to do this, you soon begin to realize your field of potential in all areas of your life. 

Releasing Trauma

During my search of healing, I was introduced to a form of trauma release and went on to study directly under the founder of the modality and its head of Board of Directors in North America. Because I've chosen to utilize my other skills in addition to the trauma release training, I branched off.  I found this intense training highly important to my path and share some of this modality with my clients in addition to the other modalities to reach a heightened sense of peace and healing in each session.

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What is a Babaylan?

Most babaylan inherited their status from an older babaylan they were apprenticed to, usually a relative. A few, however, become babaylan after experiencing what has been termed a "shamanistic initiatory crisis" (also "shamanic illness" or "shamanic madness"). This includes serious or chronic illnesses, near-death experiences, sudden seizures and trembling, depression, strange events or behavior (including climbing balete trees or disappearing for several days with no memory of the events), bouts of insanity (including those induced by psychological trauma from a past event), and strange visions or dreams. These are regarded as encounters with the spirits, where the soul of the person is said to be journeying to the spirit world. In cases like this, it is said that a spirit chose the person, rather than the other way around. 


After being chosen, shamans go through an initiation rite. These rites are meant to gain or transfer the patronage of a spirit. In cases of people with "shamanic illness", these initiation rites are regarded as the cure, where the initiate regains health or sanity by "answering the call".

The shaman's power to communicate with the spirit world is derived from their spirit companions that guide them and intercede for them. These spirits are usually referred to in euphemistic terms like abyan ("friend"), alagad or bantay ("guardian"), or gabay ("guide"), among other terms. Shamans have at least one abyan, with more powerful shamans having many. Certain individuals like powerful leaders or warriors (especially those with shaman relatives) are also believed to have their own abyan that give them magical powers. Abyan are also believed to guide, teach, and inspire skilled artists and craftsmen in the community.

Abyan spirits are more commonly non-human spirits. Shamans either had spirit companions from birth, drew their attention during the "shamanic illness", or gained their allegiance during initiation into shamanism. Spirits are believed to be social beings, with individual quirks and personalities (both good and bad). The friendship of abyan depend on reciprocity. The shamans do not command them. 

excerpt from Wikipedia

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