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Create a Place to Recharge

Create a place to reset & recharge. Find peace in a world that is pushing you to do more; stepping back and recharging is necessary to your physical and mental wellbeing.

  1. Incorporate natural materials into your space... even if it's a tiny block of wood on a glass table. That piece of wood carries a vibration of peace and grounding.

  2. Choose colors... that provide a feeling of being grounded, safe, secure and rested. Go to the paint area of a store, pick up paint swatches and see how you feel when looking at the different shades and colors. A color that may encourage growth may also bring about anxious feelings. Before making major changes to your tiny space... sit with the colors... and allow the colors to bring forth the feelings within you.

  3. Simplify your space... Whether it's a room, a corner of a room... a place next to a window, less will be more. Energy needs to flow. And some items in your space still hold onto the energetic fingerprints of others or a life you've left behind

  4. Natural sunlight... Science has proven natural sunlight is healing. Create a schedule to prioritize your wellbeing and enjoy a meditative minutes in the sun. If your space gets no lighting; add a grow light and a tiny plant.

  5. Sentimental photo... As visual beings, we connect our heart energy to things... Symbolic moments in our lives can bring us to a place of peace or pain. Choose wisely and add a photo to your space.


Polly Behringer

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