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I altered a meme that came across my feed this morning. While others laughed and made jokes at women's expense... I found it disturbing. The meme deduced a woman's sexual proclivity as not an extension of her exercising her sexual rights, but as her character. It reduced her worth and value to others based on her sexual interactions.

I disagree with the majority...

The number of people a woman has slept with doesn't define her. Maybe it's about her upbringing, conditions of her past, her placement in life. Maybe like myself, it was a trickle down effect of sexual trauma from childhood. Maybe it's about being a part of a culture, where women are placed in another caste system in the family dynamics. Maybe it's a celebratory act, embracing her new found freedom; free from past beliefs & conditioning. Or Maybe she's shed the complications of her past...

meme that spurred this blog

I find bits and pieces of who I am to be singular; each part individual, a full sum of itself... but not the sum of who I am. I know this photo may be inappropriate to some... maybe your eyes are drawn to parts of me... Maybe I'm drawn to parts of myself too... Maybe shame doesn't live where people tell you it does... maybe that's power.

There was no posing in this photo. It's just me pondering how fucked up life has been... while being grateful to still be present and alter my future.

I know it's on the front porch with my favorite coffee mug, Stay Positive. So, it's when the sun was rising and based on my attire, it's summer. I haven't received my final session of tattoos that span across my chest and cover both breasts. A tattoo that allowed me vision in places I was closing myself to... These tattoos shed light on a relationship that was not in alignment. My new tattoos disgusted him as he looked away... telling me so... That I had ruined my body, his favorite parts... even though I was embracing my own culture and taking back ownership of a body that belonged to no one but myself.

Lapu Lapu or Lapulapu (1491 - 1542) 1st recorded Chilapulapu, the datu (chief) of the Mactan in the Visayas in the Philippines.


When we remove shame our life force energy rises. Our ability to heal on a cellular level increases.

If freeing ourselves from shame heals our bodies, what does holding onto shame do?

Thoughts are seeds that alters us. Conditioned thoughts and personal beliefs create electrical bridges that redirects our lives by automating our life's decisions without thinking...through mindful energetic connections.

While this sounds all mythical, it isn't. Removing shame from our body and from our thoughts, open direct lines of connections to innate healing.

Science has shown that our mind is a universe of electrical lightening bursts happening as we think. And as we age, parts of this amazing system changes and alters itself. We have the ability to turn back time, like diving into a fountain of youth that awakens growth in areas that have been trimmed back through patterns of thought.

Being shamed is a common denominator for women. And that shame is like a corral that keeps so many in a place of less than & others in a place of expectancy. Some begin to find their value based on how they show up, who they are... not in alignment with themselves; but to be accepted... even if it means not accepting themselves.

When we live as shamed & blocked individuals, little of our life force (energy) gets through to activate other organs that create a synergistic effect of harmony.

A bottle neck of congestion develops overworking organs, over stimulating nerves, creating brain fog and cultivating chaos. Shame limits the Root chakra from producing the type of energy to heal, open up and enhance the function of organs, bundles of nerves that keep us healthy, present, available and grounded in our purpose. Overtime the effects of this type of blockage reduces our life span in months and years. The mental and physical decline morphs into chronic illnesses and some symptoms absent of a physical root in our body; because it is hidden in our mind & energy field.

circa 1990's. My oldest & me... in my fav shirt, "I will not go quietly"
It takes a lot to be FEMALE and OWN her life without the undercurrent of shame.

I've been told I look great for my age while simultaneously being told to act my age; is weird. While many people think I should be looking for my soul mate, I'm out reclaiming my life.

Following through and reclaiming all parts of who I am... doesn't sit well for many. My presence like a lot of women I follow and feel connected to causes disturbances in the field of normalcy.

While some may be drawn to free-spirited, wild-women, most are also in fear of it overshadowing generational roles they too are use too. A woman who speaks her mind, passing no judgement with healthy boundaries... creates a challenge or better yet, a debatable conversation of very different views.

circa 1970's, 3 yr old self, survivor of child pornography & incest molestation

As I retrain my own thinking, I'm more open to the thinking of what is possible and not limited by the smokey mirror of illusion.

Onward Ever, Backward Never...

I know this is the perfect mantra as I venture fully into owning my life in ways that give no mistaken ideals to who I am.

Clarity and how I show up feels like an upward spiral. While I never abandoned my path, I spent too much time avoiding it.

Even with clarity, I felt bound to old patterns of placing myself second.

Where the world may shame you into believing what is and isn't possible... There is a powerful ability within us to go against the norms to find our own personal flow. It may be challenging... and lonely... But it will never be disappointing when step into our personal power and reclaim our lives.

In this new era of change, I'm inviting you (male or female) to be a part of the journey; 30 Day Journey... This is how I'm moving into the last month of the year and the first month of the next... It begins in the middle of December.



p.s. there may be typos in this blog post.... but if I stand to long editing and rewriting... I may fall into analysis paralysis... and this post will avoid coming into fruition.

JOIN me for the 30 Day Journey as I will share with your modalities and techniques in a challenging daily format (that I will also be doing) as part of my prep for next year's new venture. Enjoy today's Cyber Monday special pricing, meet with me and a group of like minded, like hearted individuals weekly for 4 weeks, receive a booklet to help you stay on path and receive videos of me explaining in detail the process outlined in this 30 Day Journey.

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