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Tap Into Your Personal Power

The magnitude of our abilities and our gifts lie right below the surface of who we are. Many of us, myself included... have walked around with a bubble around us.. working hard to insulate ourselves from the hurts of the world. When we do this, we unknowingly block out the love.

When we embrace our journey, let go of what has happened to us... and understand it happened through us... we find our personal power.

My daughter, the no bullshit artist, will tell you how it is. My other daughter, the lesson learned one, took the errors of my ways and is cultivating a powerful, supportive family. My soul sister, Honey-Mustard, is raising a successful, empowered, brilliantly, smart daughter primarily all on her own. I have others working their intellectual magic inspiring others while feeling like an outlier.

We don't survive the obstacles in our lives to fall short of the greatness we have within without our personal consent. Rising to the top requires genuine efforts of cultivating ourselves to a better place that we can look at everyday and feel proud of. The key is all you need is to be 1% better than you were yesterday.

Creating boundaries around our gifts, around our time and viewing ourselves like sought after commodities is a must when we want to tap in and not tap out. Take mental applications on those we spend time with... And ask yourself, "Will this help me get 1% better today?"


Polly Lila Behringer

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