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Purge for space

Purge it mindfully... and be kind to yourself when you do this. It won't be easy... even if everyone NOT in your shoes tells you it is.

  • Why is it so hard to let go of things?..

  • Why do so many buy things to feel better?..

  • Why do others buy things... only to return them?..

I was born into a scarcity mindset. My mom grew up in a third world country with the Vietnam war knocking on their islands. My dad slept nights in the family chicken coup in South Texas. That alone could create a hoarder or hoarding situation. My dad kept old tools, a shed full of "stuff" and my mom has a rooms full of "stuff"... even cans of very expired food.

OPTION ONE because you gotta begin somewhere.


  • Lay the items out on your floor and take a photos

  • Bag or box it up and sell it in bulk

  • Post on FB marketplace or your FB with a price like $25 "NON NEGOTIABLE".

  • Don't sell parts of the bag or box; buyer must take all.

  • Meet somewhere you'd normally go not out of your way for the transaction.

Most of us have a hard time letting go of something because we feel it's worth something and so it is...


  • Don't over think it.

  • Keep it Simple.

  • Don't worry if people in your social media circle laugh at you. There will be many silent ones secretly cheering you on that you are giving hope to!


  • Refrain from refilling the cleared space with new items.

  • Create a monthly schedule to repeat this until it's all gone.

  • Take the money you've made and put it aside for a sunny day fund.

Our bodies hold onto resistance in the form of tension, so join me on TUESDAY NIGHTS 9PM CST for a Yoga Nidra tiktok Live event this month in January... to RELEASE and LET GO!




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