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Down the Rabbit Hole of Trauma

Where've you been?

Down the rabbit hole of my own psyche, I'm untangling and... sweeping, cleaning, cleansing, removing. I’ve been purging unknowingly and none of this is by choice. But also not against it either. It's happening through the willingness my own freewill exploring its options of being... and allowing me to be me.

I realize the other day, I'm waking up in fetal most mornings. With the soft curve of my body outlined beneath my blanket that looks like a second layer of skin as it weighs heavy over me. It's misleading; this blanket with its thin material with so much weight. Sometimes, I wonder how much of what we see is what we truly see.

Even this blanket comes a symbolic message of what we see is not always what we see... The veil between our worlds of reality is thin. Like a silk blindfold separating us from seeing is no different than a brick wall... Or the imaginary wall we build within us, stopping us from seeing our full potential.

I imagine I look like a tiny pill of a body encased and sealed against my bed. I'm a hard pill to swallow, I've been told. And that is trauma sealed up in a statement linking me back to every relationship moment before these last several months.

Now is a good place to be. While things fall apart, things also fall together.

We all have idioms we've heard that stays with us downplaying the strong, severity and complex weavings labeling each of us to stay small... to not trigger others by not being ourselves. The sayings come lightly, delivered with little weight like cotton candy, silly and sometimes funny. But the hard crash of those sugar coated moment does damage.

Over the course of several more servings compounded by more idioms, more years and fighting the resistance of being ourselves, we develop chronic illnesses, unexplained pains, ulcers, hair loss, wrinkles and cravings. These little tears are remembrances; a form of verbal traumas, labeling and diminishing our power.

And without time to heal ourselves, we are the walking wounded.

How we sleep is powerful... How we wake up feeling, the curve of our body and the mood we wake into is powerful. Notice I didn't say wake up feeling... I said wake INTO... We carry things from our dream world to our awaken world... There is no separation... The biggest thing to know is that, in your dream state... the world being created through symbolism, messages, knowledge and yearning... Our fears arise. But we have unlimited, untapped abilities in a field of potentiality waiting for each us.

One of the things I specialize in and I'm bringing to the surface is the power of the dream-state world. Sharing all of it here, is not possible for me. My enthusiasm can barely captured in the letters forming words forming sentences... It's the vibration behind the message. The enthusiasm that brings it ALL OF IT to life. Sharing it in real time courses and classes is what I'll be doing.

Tapping in means saying yes to what we hope is possible even before believing it is...

Join me in upcoming classes and course! I'm looking forward to rocking your world by through rocks as the glass walls the world has built around us!




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