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Eating MEDitation

Stilling our minds can be difficult. Knowing what peacefulness feels like begins by paying attention. Attention is love. A peaceful mind is like cool ocean breezes on a hot summer's

Polly holding two strawberries outside
Benefits of curb inflammation, manage your blood sugar, and guard against health conditions like high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

day. It's the warmth on your skin through on a chilly mountain top. It's the sound of wind chimes, birds and children playing blocks away on recess. Peace is taking it all in without the distraction of should be doing, could be doing and what ifs. Peace is mental comfort felt throughout your body...

Research has proven that unplugging and being in nature for 3 days reduces PTSD... anxiousness and depression. It assists in resetting your body, mind and your ANS, autonomic nervous system.

So, how do we still our mind? How do we find stillness in our thoughts in a world of constant stimulation? Be aware of anything that you do that places you into the passenger seat or into autopilot and you lose time without realizing it.

Let's begin where you're at. Here I'm going to share with you the beginning process & practice of EATING MEDITATION. Instead of diving deep into this practice, I'm going to ease you into this beautiful form of meditation by teaching you steps to incorporate it into your mindfulness & wellness journey.

Polly holding a glass jar shaped like an apple with green juice inside of it
Adding in green juice like Suja Juice when you don't have a juicer is a great way to get your nutrient dense leafy greens that helps with digestion that promotes healing.

When you practice this form of meditation every day for a couple of weeks, you'll notice the changes in your mind, your thoughts and your physical presence. When we're mindfully eating, we're able to slowly take in the beautiful act of nourishment, love and self care. There is no purpose here... except to be present.

Polly smiling holding an apple shaped glass with green juice
You don't need to drink big batches of greens to reap it's benefits. Try adding apples & pineapples to help with the taste

Eating Meditation: Being aware of how and what we eat is a small part. You're already eating; so you're already half way there. Becoming aware and alert while eating changes our relationship with ourself.

  • Eat as a singular activity and refrain from watching tv, scrolling on your phone or working while you're eating.

  • Eat slower. Take time to taste your food. Chew slower and practice eating like you have the time (and the time will appear).

  • Create a meal time that will last at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted eating time. This doesn't include preparation. Just allow yourself to be silent and take in the flavors and smells of the food.

  • Set yourself a place at your kitchen table... or outside table. Use the good plates, the silverware you've been saving for special occasions or your favorite cup or mug.

  • Think about the food... what it must have looked like on a vine, in the earth or the country the food was imported from.

  • Journal your experience... Ask yourself why you've chosen your meals items, was there a purpose, was it easier & convenient or is it aligned to some bigger goal; a budget or fitness challenge.

Stilling our minds begins by placing our thoughts and intentions in other areas. Allowing us to step back and be a silent observer to the process of our life places us into perspective. We are in the driver seat of our life, even when we feel we aren't.

TIP: Paying attention to the texture of your food and chewing slower and longer, may feel annoying especially in this fast pace world of hustling and time commitments. Take time to notice the smell of the food before placing it in your mouth, the color of the food and the feeling in your hand if it's a finger food. Take small breaks between eating and lean back to take it all in. This process will help you to understand when you really are full and not just eating on autopilot.

If you have a difficult time meditating, begin here with this practice. If you're looking for new ways to meditate try this as an option... And if you hate going it alone... make this a weekly practice with some of your close friends or co-workers either over a meal or a discussion.

Polly holding two strawberries over a succulent potted plant & a pink flowering plant that was a gift from her grandchildren
Root Chakra (RED for Stability and Self-Awareness)- strawberries helps nourish the chakra that grounds us to Earth and is representation of our relationship to our tribe, family, foundation of people giving us a sense of stability in the physical body.

I'm going to spend some time on the different forms of meditation for anyone looking to begin or enhance their practice.

Look for the next blog, Sound Meditation the practice of incorporating a mantra in your meditation practice. I'll help you develop your own mantra to use to quiet your mind.


Polly Behringer

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