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Free Yourself Through Your Words

I am one of the most literal people I know and a strong second to my oldest daughter.

Things can get lost in translation and they often do. The power behind the clarity of our words is important. It's as important as the tones we use and the context.. health of our bodies as we give freedom to our voice.

We are constantly collecting information from what is said and what is not; what is done and what is not.⁣ The ability to read between the lines is part of our natural ability to connect to source energy when our minds and body is free from traumas stored in the muscles, tissues and organs of our body. ⁣

When tapping into your personal power, use a tone that resonates with a feeling of love and compassion. The tone you'd use with someone you deeply care about. Use simple, childlike verbiage keeping your words to minimum. This practice allows you to be more concise cultivating a powerful energy of cultivating the day you want and manifesting the outcome of your days.

What we hear is not just what we hear, but a compilation of experiences we've had in this lifetime, the ones before... and the lives we are living simultaneously in parallel universes. There is power in our words... and when you align your personal power to your thoughts and convey them through your words.. you free yourself from the constraints that have been holding you back.


Polly Behringer


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