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Taking the Leap of Faith

Nothing comes without risks... And they say the bigger the risk, the greater the reward. But what many truly believe is the bigger the risk, the bigger the risk. That there is no reward... because they are not worthy. That they are undeserving... I'm not sure when it happened, but many more people are taking less risks and living more in fear than embracing the possibilities of what could be.

I think for me... the moment I realized I could survive on less than $100 in Nepal changed me. My life back home was falling apart. I was making a choice to wake up before the sun and watch it rise over Everest... over the Himalayas was worth eating only a meal a day and living off the free coffee and oatmeal complimentary breakfast.

I don't think I would have believed living a life of more than was ever possible.

I don't think I would have recognized my true potential until I was in a position to dig deep and understand the magnitude of being where I was.

I was going to come back to an empty home... a broken life... a lonely life... But while I rose up to watch the sun in all of its glory and beauty... a huge part of me recognized that taking that risk... would be worth the reward... a reward I wouldn't see immediately... But I can see clearly now...

I am truly living my purpose... I am helping others move freely through their personal traumas...held in their bodies... stored as tension... removing blockages and realigning their body through energetic entrainment... raising my vibration as I help to raise theirs too.

Join me in Costa Rica... and the risk you take to get there will be worth the reward you will see multiply time and time again in your life... rippling out into the lives of those you love.


Polly Behringer


Come with a friend and receive a special rate... because to even decide to share this journey is a risk in itself that should be honored.

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This is beautiful , motivating to read the blog when I myself confused with my life time and again. Thank you for sharing this. Love from Nepal.

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