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Let Go to Find Yourself

There was a time in the beginning of my journey I was searching... Looking for ways to avoid things. I was tired of heartbreaks, selling myself short and trying to be something other than myself.

I was not a fraud. I was trying desperately to fit into the confines of the tiny box society uses to help others understand who we each are.

Imagine boxes of primary colors. Now imagine being pink, but being put in a box of reds. And in that box of reds, pinks gather... but you're really magenta surrounded by soft, pastel pinks. This is society. These are its boxes. We are mislabeling ourselves. This is what I was doing.

The first step in the process is simply saying YES to ourselves. If this is too difficult, begin by saying NO to things that don't propel you into the direction you want to go. And then breathe in the possibilities. Once we begin to say yes to ourselves, we are able to move through the illusion of our box. We are part of society. We've played a part in creating the box we are in.


Polly Behringer


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