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Whisper Sweet Everything to Yourself

With Valentine's Day, many are focused on either celebrating it or avoiding it all together. But what if we learned to fall in love with ourselves every day. Everyday waking up to yourself... turning over to yourself... looking at yourself and knowing you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to you. You are still here and you did not leave yourself standing alone in your moments of toughness, weakness and aloneness. Instead you stood by who you are... in unity with all of yourself. The greatness in you.. and the potential of greatness.. shortcomings.. and just being human.

Loving ourselves will be the greatest adventure we've ever been on. This is the greatest gift we've ever been given. What if you step out of yourself and saw yourself as the sexiest, worthiest, most talented being that you ever swiped right on. What if the greatest love story you've every experienced is a sexy ménage à trois between yourself... the "me, myself and I" love story.

What if you were in the middle of cultivating a love story with yourself that lived on beyond this life time, passed down to your descendants through a legacy of storytelling that saves the youngest piece of you... stored in the DNA of a loved one... lost and struggling. Yeah... that is powerful.

So, what if?...

Happy Valentine's Day from this place of love in my heart to yours. Let the ripple effect of our love around the world create a tidal wave of change.


Polly Behringer

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I love the paragraph about “a love story about myself that lived beyond this life and passed down to descendants”. I’ve never thought about it that way…. Thx for your wisdom and beautiful spirit 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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