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Unconventional Trauma Release

Yoga Nidra is a holistic practice with a gentle approach providing the practitioner powerful immediate benefits. This practice takes you into a deep relaxed state allowing you, the practitioner, to step back and be a silent observer to your body, breath, thoughts and emotions.

Working with the Oklahoma City Fire Dept

Unlike traditional therapy, you don't have to dive into the emotional reasons that brought you to this practice. You don't have to bring up the past or painful experiences. Emotions holding you still are set free so you're able to move forward. The more you do this practice, the more comfortable you become being a silent observer. Being a silent observer provides you with clarity and allows you to separate your current self with your past self and allowing you to envision a more empowered future self.

During Yoga Nidra, your body and mind is at rest while your consciousness remains awake and aware.

There have been times, when a client or a group I'm working with falls into a deep sleep during the session. While it's encouraged to gently bring their mind back to consciousness, I'm also aware their body maybe experiencing safety, security and deep reset for the first time in a long time. Knowing this, I give them grace... and allow them to rest. Their mind, I know is still very much conscious. As I guide them back "to them selves"... back to their body, asking them to wiggle their fingers and toes... they do.

Guidance during Yoga Nidra allows you to experience a deeper understanding of yourself. During Yoga Nidra, you're guided back to your true nature, a place of peace. Where our mind, body, breath and thoughts are brought together in a harmonious state. Many clients and people I've worked with online feel and hear a peaceful humming after the session. They share feelings of euphoria, peacefulness, clarity, reduction or absence of pain they felt prior to the session. Some share they felt they were floating and experiences of visions.

Yoga Nidra is been studied for many years and on a scientific level, it has been shown that

it directly impacts brain waves. When being guided through Yoga Nidra and you become detached from conscious awareness you move into the delta brain waves. Delta brain waves is where the deep healing happens on a cellular level. During the awaken / yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra, your body goes through a powerful transformative process of healing. Time also seems to quadruply, multiplying the healing time by 4 times the amount. A fifteen minute session is equal to an hour of deep healing on a cellular level.



Learn more and experience the power of Yoga Nidra every week for 12 weeks in combination with the powerful benefits of the 12 Week Artist Way Journaling Course

p.s. Join me as we dive deeper in weekly blogs about Yoga Nidra and it's powerful benefits. I'll be covering topics surrounding this subject from my journey to studying this powerful modality at an ashram in the United States to feeling like I was in over my head taking this my knowledge and understanding deeper in India, to working with clients, understanding how it opens your chakras, the power of it's healing benefits, brainwaves, reducing anxiety, depression, ptsd and how it helps you to find your path and make the impossible possible.


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