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This is a process of energetic entrainment and without any physical manipulation your hips, spine & pelvis will realign itself. As your body begins to move naturally to help itself lengthen, untangle, stretch, most people experience a feeling of euphoria and a deep spiritual connection bringing about a rush or gratitude and emotion. In this session, I will show you how to ground yourself and expand your heart energy making this session even more powerful. By aligning my energy to yours I will feel your pains in body and chase that pain to its root cause or area and allow it a way to release naturally on its on.

This session is available in conjunction with other services.

This exclusive services is available at this retreats, spirit fairs, corporate events & group sessions in person.

Experience immediate benefits with this incredibly powerful session! This session releases trauma stored as tension in muscles, tissues and organs of your body naturally. Your body will move organically on it's own releasing tension from physical and emotional trauma moving energy through blockages being held in the body. Areas congested with stagnant energy will begin to release allowing space internally allowing you to deepen your breath and feel physically free.

In this deluxe session of healing, I'll show you how to ground yourself, open up energetic channels to expand your heart energy raising your vibration. You'll experience a brief mediation and get clear on your intentions for this session. This session also includes Yoga Nidra and a brief pranayama and yogic seal sealing the benefits of the session.

This option is available in either a One-On-One zoom session or in person in a personal session or in a small group. In person sessions must be held in OKC Metro Area. This form of session is available in conjunction with other services. Group and corporate events available, prices will vary.

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Learn how to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and connect to a higher source. You might be in the beginning of your journey... or half way in and feeling a little lost. I'll help you by teaching you how to ground yourself and open up energetic channels to raise your vibration. You'll experience a brief mediation and get clear on your intentions for this session.


You'll experience...

the power of your thought

change yourself physically all through raising your vibration

feel immediate sense of peace and clarity through pranayama 

... and receive immediate answers to your questions through a spiritual reading


There are times I'm able to see a crossroad; an intersection in time where I'm able to see you clearly at whatever age you were, where you were at when there was a self limiting paradigm shift linking you to a moment where a trauma imprinted happened. 

Events or gatherings are book by request and based on location near or around the Oklahoma Metro, prices vary. 

A powerful way to reconnect to your natural abilities and cultivate a life you feel drawn to. You'll discover what is anchoring you still and help you release that attachment. Tap into your spiritual gifts, raise your vibration and understand the power of manifestation. I'll help develop a plan based on our conversations. We'll eliminate self limiting beliefs, learn how not to take things personally and free yourself from society's expectations bringing you back to center... your atman. 


You'll learn tools to help you daily to help you manage the week and cultivate the type of month you want. We'll dive deeper to embrace your natural and spiritual gifts. I'll teach you methods such as energy cultivation and expansion, pranayama, meditation, the importance of fasting, taking risks, saying yes, putting yourself first.

This type of training is 90 - 120 day commitment either one on one or with a group setting reducing your cost and finding a supportive group.

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A deeply relaxing form of non-physical yoga where you receive immediate healing benefits of mental and physical peace. This practice is known as the sleepless sleep... or the awaken sleep. There is a powerful sense of floating and euphoria during a yoga nidra session.  Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.  This modality enhances physical, mental and emotional relaxation and is considered a great tool for those battling restlessness, depression, anxiety, ptsd. This practices trains your body and mind to learn how to sleep. An hour of yoga nidra equals four hours of deep (delta brainwave) sleep.

This session is available in conjunction with other services.

Events and groups are book by request and prices vary based on location near or around the Oklahoma Metro. Contact me for group in person cost.