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Energetic Spinal Realignment

This powerful process of realigning your spine, hips and pelvis. This process opens up your chakra, energy, circulatory and respiratory systems. You will feel the immediate benefits of the realignment. You will experience the untangling and lengthening of your body as it moves naturally and organically. This process happens through energetic entrainment and without any physical manipulation.


This experience moves many to a feeling of gratitude as they feel their heart energy expanding and opening up as the flow of spinal fluid flows uninterrupted by blockages. You will feel yourself begin to elevate; a feeling of levitation and connection to a higher power. You will immediately become taller as your spine experiences decompression.

Length:  45 - 60 Minutes

Location:In Person


Description: This session is based on  ESR & intuitive direction to help you realign with your purpose / passion and move through obstacles

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Trauma & Tension Release

Release trauma stored as tension in muscles, tissues and organs of your body naturally. Your body will move organically on it's own releasing tension from physical and emotional trauma moving energy through blockages being held in the body. Areas congested with stagnant energy will begin to release allowing space internally allowing you to deepen your breath and feel physically free. Your body will feel an immediate sense of relief as it resets itself through natural realignment and releasing emotional, energetic and physical tensions stored throughout your body. Each additional session allows your body to release the traumas further back in your life; stored deeper in your subconscious. These tensions congesting your energetic & physical body have been holding your body still. Once released, you feel the spaciousness within you and envisioning a life of more allows you to take risks and a deeper self love.

Length: Varies

Location: Zoom & In Person

Cost: varies based on in-person or via zoom (reference Book A  Session)

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Raise Your Vibration & Pendulum Reading

Learn how to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and connect to a higher source. You might be in the beginning of your journey or half way in and feeling a little lost. I'll help you by teaching you how to ground yourself and open up energetic channels to raise your vibration. Learn about mediation or pranayama and get clear on your intention.


You'll feel immediate sense of peace and clarity through pranayama. Bonus: Receive answers to your questions through a spiritual reading. This powerful session includes a mix of mediumship allowing me to help you understand and see that your are seen... and anything is possible.

Location: Zoom or In-Person based on your session choice.

Additional Options: Longer &/or group session.

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Intuitive Guidance & Healing

This is one of the most powerful sessions available. Learning how to tap into your abilities, knowing your worth, grounding yourself, creating a plan while working with a powerful babaylan, filipino shaman, and trained specialist in the areas of alternative and holistic modalities to releasing trauma, meditation, pranayama, mind mapping and creating a plan to help you move forward.


  • Discover what's anchoring you still and release those attachments.

  • Tap into your spiritual gifts, raise your vibration and understand the power of your words 

  • Eliminate self limiting beliefs, learn how not to take things personally

  • Free yourself from society's expectations bringing you back to your true self.

  • Learn tools to help you daily

  • We'll dive deeper to embrace your natural and spiritual gifts.

  • Experience methods such as energy cultivation and expansion, pranayama, meditation, the importance of fasting, taking risks, saying yes, putting yourself first.


  • In Person

  • Via Zoom

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Yoga Nidra

A deeply relaxing form of non-physical yoga where you receive immediate healing benefits of mental and physical peace. This practice is known as the sleepless sleep... or the awaken sleep. There is a powerful sense of floating and euphoria during a yoga nidra session.  Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.  This modality enhances physical, mental and emotional relaxation and is considered a great tool for those battling restlessness, depression, anxiety, ptsd. This practices trains your body and mind to learn how to sleep. An hour of yoga nidra equals four hours of deep (delta brainwave) sleep.


  • Free TikTok Live Session

  • Free Zoom Group Session

  • Personal Session

  • Private Group Session (email to inquire for price and options. Please complete form )


Length: Varies by choice of session 

Location: Varies based on type of session.