Founder, Black Belt
Advocate for Women's Wellness, Wellbeing
and Personal Empowerment
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Jennifer Gray

Empowering Women On & Off the Mat
SheJitsu teaches women and girls of all ages realistic self-defense with jiu-jitsu

She-Jitsu & Jennifer's Story

Jennifer is a 1st degree Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and the founder, creator and CEO of She-Jitsu. She teaches weekly Women’s Classes at Outsiders Combat Club in Oklahoma in addition to traveling to neighboring states to help spread the message of SheJitsu. Over 13 years experience on the mat, 11 years dedicated to cultivating her skills as an instructor and decades focused on her own personal growth through overcoming her own internal battles of trauma, she understands the only way to healing what holds us back can also set us free.

Her mission continues to grow with a foundation rooted in assisting and guiding women and girls into an empowered version of themselves. On or off the mat her focus is helping others struggling with their own self-worth. She helps others overcome trauma by building confidence through her empowerment-and-trauma informed approach of She-Jitsu.

I believe that by cultivating a women centered space

for jiu-jitsu, I can offer a new perspective and empower individual growth on and off the mat.


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Jennifer Gray (center)
@jiujitsujenn @shejitsu
Blackbelt. Founder of SheJitsu. Teaching at Outsiders Combat Club.
Creator and Co-host of local, out of state & international events and retreats empowering women of all ages. 

Bethany Crist (left)
Bluebelt. Mother of two. Teaching at Outsiders Combat Club
Jackie Freitas, LPC (right)
@jackief.lpc @freitasjacq

Brazilian Mental Health Therapist. Bluebelt & Jiu-Jitsu practioner based in Oklahoma. Single and proud mother of a young man. Teaching at Outsiders Combat Club 

"The enemy is within. Let's start a war." 

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