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Outdoor Meditation




  • I have no idea what my purpose is.

  • I feel lost.

  • I can't help procrastinating.

  • I'm stuck in analysis paralysis. 

  • I get really motivated and then fall off. 

  • I feel so scared about doing "this" and don't know why. 

  • Who am I to do this?

  • I feel like an imposter.

  • I've pushed down this trauma, but it's affecting my life.

  • I feel out of control.

  • I struggle with anxiety, depression, ptsd, etc...

  • I just want more... but don't know how to get it.

  • I have no one in my life that I can talk to about energy, raising my vibration and divine connection.

  • I feel like I'm drained around certain people. 

  • I have to dim my light to be around people.

  • I feel I'm changing and wanting more, but I'm afraid of losing people.

  • I'm deeply concerned about my life.


If you've been struggling to create momentum, stuck in analysis paralysis, unable to see the bigger picture, have no support system, don't have a plan of action and don't know where to begin... This is the perfect fit for you.​

We will use a system I've created to help you understand your purpose, align your actions create a strategy and see movement forward... while moving through and overcoming personal obstacles that have been holding you back.

We'll be able to work through limiting beliefs and create paradigm shifts that will help you create strong boundaries around what you want and who you want to be. You will learn how to create movement, overcome imposter syndrome and release trauma and rewire your mind and tension in your body. You will learn each month alternative and holistic modalities to help you with depression, anxiety, find peacefulness and create clarity and calm.


  • Begins when you do

  • 3 Month Commitment. Changes happen in each session, but it's the accumulative changes that make significant waves to push you forward.

  • Once you sign up, you will either receive an email to set up your initial personal, 1 on 1 session or an email adding you to the group class. 


  • Individual, Private 1-on-1

    • Weekly 1-on-1 session

    • Begins when you do

    • 60 minute / session

    • INCLUDES: Small Group option

    • $450 / 4 weeks (month)

    • billed monthly for 3 months

  • Small Group, Semi-Private

    • Bi-Monthly (every other week) session

    • Wednesdays, 7pm CST

    • 60 minute / session

    • $250 / 4 weeks (month)

    • billed monthly for 3 months

BENEFITS of Individual

  • increase your productivity

  • eliminate second guessing

  • build confidence

  • create a real, step by step plan to get you on path 

  • increase your ability to follow through

  • check things off your bucket list

  • understand the power of now and the planning to tap into "more"

  • create boundaries around self-care & self-love

  • address concerns and topics in next session


  • Supportive group atmosphere

  • Weekly Focus with group assignment to level up

  • Learn a new modality / practice every 4 Weeks

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