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Polly Behringer


My desire it to... others heal energetic ties to our higher self, to release trauma held in the body as tension and held in the mind as limiting beliefs.


I recognize after working with so many clients, when we tap into our healing energy, we find our true strengths through our belief in ourselves... which leads us all on a journey to back to ourselves.  I will help you tap into the power that anything is possible... and you will walk away wanting to do things you didn't know was possible.



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Education & Training

I knew I wanted to understand cultures and the dynamics of existing in groups, which led me to receiving a degree in Sociology. I quickly learned on this path to understanding groups you need to take in account a groups, a culture and a person's trauma. The immediate rippling effect of trauma is as powerful as the genetic inheritance of trauma through our DNA and hidden in our junk DNA.  

I decided to study TRE and attended an intense training under Dr. David Bercelli and his teachers on staff. This led me to further my knowledge and travel to Colorado and study under Paul Darby. I soon began combining my trainings with modalities I studied and my babaylan abilities.


I went on to study Yoga Nidra at the Satchidananda Yogaville Ashram  in Virginia. The beauty of this practice and its serene quiet blissfulness led me to study at the Integral Yoga Institute in Coimbatore, India where I deepened my studies in Integral Yoga that integrates pranayama, meditation, Ayurvedic practices, asanas postures, Sanskrit chants, eye yoga for clarity and yoga nidra. During this time, I was in the process of completing an intensive coaching program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to teach me how to successfully guide individuals in personal and group courses, training and classes.  

My nutrition and fitness background came from training and certifications in physical fitness and nutrition. I trained groups to reclaim their strength, lose weight, increase muscle mass and find peace through mental awareness and routine. I went on to train high school sports with speed strength training and then taught mindfulness to students in under privileged areas. I've worked with the Oklahoma City Fire Department to help their first responders work through on the job traumas and teach them ways to reduce depression & ptsd.

I've been coaching one on one personalized sessions with clients and group course on how to find happiness through releasing trauma and the mental traps of abuse and childhood trauma

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