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Freedom, Oklahoma

June 16 - 18, 2023


A Powerful Journey Under the Stars

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This is a whole body reset retreat for women. This retreat is aligned with the new moon phase allowing you to see the amazing curvature of the Milky Way Galaxy directly above our lodge. The vast background of the cosmos, the constellations and the curvature of the galaxy above places you in a unique position of perspective. For me, being there... was a life altering moment changing the trajectory of my life.


Cosmic energy has been a part of many cultures and holistic practices when find their way back to a place of peace. Aligning this unique retreat with the phase of the new moon will help you channel your own personal power with the guidance of holistic, alternative modalities... along with practices to help you unlock your potential. 

You will be experiencing Trauma Release sessions facilitated by Polly Behringer in addition to one one one Energetic Spinal Realignment. This powerful practice allows your body to physically realign itself through energetic resonance with Polly without any physical manipulation. Her vast knowledge, practice and expertise will allow you to close the gap of disconnection between who you are, have been told you are... and reconnected to your true self... a sense of peace. Every evening you will experience as a group the power of Yoga Nidra, the awaken sleep & a non physical practice, outside under the stars. Yoga Nidra allows your body to heal on a deep cellular level. An hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of deep, delta healing brainwaves. In Yoga Nidra you will feel a sense of oneness, peace, euphoria and a floating sensation. 

You will learn how to cultivate, expand, transmute the energy within you. This practice is one of the most coveted trainings as you will be able to feel the energy as if it is tangible. You will experience your body shifting and changing based on your own person commands and practiced intentions. 

During this retreat, you will learn and have the experience to embrace a few key Ayurvedic practices (Neti pot, pranayama, etc). We will engage in a full body reset through a different forms of fasting. If you have a medical condition, please check with your medical professional before committing. We will be embracing a fasting cycle, vegan raw meals, mushroom protein shakes and lots of greens. Polly a vegan for over a decade and embraces Ayurvedic practices and fasting will be able to guide you safely through your journey.

You'll learn a morning practice to embracing movement through a yoga flow with Polly inspired by the New Moon that fall happens during these retreat date. Polly is certified yoga teacher who received two certifications in yoga; one in her home state of Oklahoma & in Coimbatore, India. She went on to study Yoga Nidra, the Yogic sleep in an immersion program at the Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia.  Your morning flow will incorporate chanting, Oms, intention setting, Netra Vyayamam (eye yoga) for clarity and strength, eating the sun, primal scream & yoga nidra to bring your body back to a place of peace.

You will receive an exclusive booklet to align with the New Moon and as a keepsake where you will record your journey, your intentions for this new moon, document your emotional, physical, spiritual experience. There will be an area for others to sign and share their experience of being with you during this process and pages to print and place photos or drawings of your time during this powerful, immersive retreat.

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This current retreat is open females only.


You must submit an email including answers from the following questions below:

  1. Why you would like to attend & your purpose of attending

  2. If you've ever attended a retreat before.

  3. If you were referred or a student / client of either of the hosts

  4. A little about yourself, your journey and what you would like to achieve from attending.



$25 non-refundable fee. This is paid at time of Application Email submission.


Thursday - Sunday, June 15th - check out on Monday, June 19th. Check in is at 3pm with check out by 10am. Those arriving early will be able to store your baggage and either walk around the grounds or sit on the large wrap around patio. 


Rustic lodge with your own door to the outdoor group patio. Located in Northwestern Oklahoma surrounded by canyons and prairie grass.  The Stables sits on 40 acres that backs up to one of Oklahoma’s most popular state parks, Alabaster Caverns. 

This luxury lodge has outside seating to stargaze and experience the morning and evening breezes and sounds of remote Oklahoma also known for its amazing views of th night sky and the Milky Way Galaxy.


Each room has 2 queen beds, a shower, seating area, microwave & fridge. There will be two people per room. If you are coming with a friends and want to room together, let us know. If there are four of you and want to share one room together, let us know and you will be given a group rate.


216872 State Hwy 50A · Freedom, Oklahoma 73842


Meals and drinks will be provided. As explained above this is a reset with a vegan diet. Salads, greens, smoothies, fruits, teas, bio-coffee, oats, other food items & supplements will be provided. No alcohol, drugs or marijuana will be permitted during these 4 days. This is a complete reset.


yoga mat, small blanket for yoga nidra under the stars, comfortable summer clothes, leggings and anything else you want. Bring walking / hiking shoes to enjoy the terrain and your own personal water container.


  • $1625 after April 1st, 2023

  • Early bird $1300 till April 1st, 2023

  • $4350 Group rate of 4 people sharing 1 room with 2 queen beds. This option is available while space is available. 

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Hosted by...


Trauma Specialist & Babaylan (Filipino Shaman)


  • Trauma Specialist with a focus in Alternative & Ancient Holistic Modalities.

  • Degree in Sociology which led her on the path to understanding traumas rippling effect on an individual and the those around them.

  • Studied Trauma Release under Dr. David Bercelli and Paul Darby but splintered off to modify her own approach using yogic practices and her ancestral gifts and abilities.

  • Studied at the Integral Yoga Institute in Coimbatore, India and their US ashram, Yogaville

    • Yoga Nidra (a guided experience that takes you into a deeper brave-wave state that can’t be reached through conventional sleep) and the Ayurveda approach to yoga practices.

    • Focus in meditation, pranayama, Ayurvedic practices 

  • Selected at the age of 5 to become a Filipino shaman known in her culture as a Babaylan.

    • Has the gift of foresight, tracing a person’s pain to their root causes, energetically freeing blockages in the body and mind, realigning a person’s spine, hips and pelvis without any physical manipulation, guiding others towards a path of healing, healing at a supernatural pace and expanding a person’s energy to help them raise their own which leads them to healing and releasing internal anchors and blockages.

  • Graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Bio-Individuality and Life Coaching to seamlessly blend her modalities, practices, focus of studies and gifts into an Intuitive Guidance and Healing coaching business.

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