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If you're here, it's might be because you're looking for another way to heal, a different way through "it", feeling stuck and overwhelmed...  or what you've been trying isn't working.  I appreciate you taking the leap forward into the unfamiliar. 

"If I would have known...
... this would have changed
what healing would have
looked like, felt like and
the way I saw myself."
"Unconventional healing gives us
an unconventional view of
what our future can look like...
What we believed was
not possible is now a baseline
for our possibilities."

Why what I do works...

I specialize in helping others find the peace by allowing them to tap into the natural healing energy and learn to raise their vibration. The modalities I offer are alternative, holistic methods scientifically proven to reset your body and mind. I am not a licensed therapist. My focus is NOT talk therapy. I am certified, skilled and trained to modalities and training to release tension & trauma stored in your body. 


In addition to my training, I am in the filipino culture referred to as a babaylan. Because of my intuitive gifts of foresight, visions, mediumship and my ability to feel your physical and emotional pains within my own body... I have the ability to "chase your pains" to the root cause(s) of what is holding you still.

The harmful physical effects of trauma

  • Our bodies hold trauma in the form of tension in the muscles, tissues and organs of our bodies.  Holding on to these traumas have the ability to severely impair our ability to love, find happiness, be healthy and live long fulfilling lives. 

  • Trauma shortens our life span and severely debilitates our ability to see our fullest potential.

  • When our body is not able to reset itself, a vibration of dis-ease flows through us... limiting our personal healing potential creating diseases and ill health...mentally, physically, emotionally... and spiritually.


Sometimes, we don't know where to begin... So, begin here

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