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New Moon 1-11

*New Moon pdf guide at bottom

Most of us are afraid of showing up; when in fact we are showing up everyday... in our lives... whether it's on a platform for tens... to hundred of thousands... or the co-worker at work... the boss behind his closed office door... the drive thru employee handing you the extra napkins through the window... or the little ones in buckled in carseats behind you.

You ARE showing up.

It's no secret where I've been or what I've done... It's really a matter of what someone knows... Isn't that it? So, be brave... and walk fully into yourself. They say the New Moon not only sets the tone with intentions for the next 28 days... But did you know it also must align to your actions and your bigger goal. Each big goal is an accumulation of small goals that make up the stepping stones to bringing us to a place of fullness in our own life.

I have this tiny fear that pops up within me sometimes... Most of the world doesn't see me this way, because I show up in spite of my fear... in spite of my anxiety. And this is where we must be; braving our own storms... rewriting the thoughts and a beliefs holding us in place...

Someone close to me asked if what they were doing that brings them to a place of a higher connection... is okay to do. They had been told it wasn't. I'm a firm believer in do what it takes to bring you closer to a higher vibration... and along the way... later on your journey...You may alter it. Everyone's journey is their own; I don't know who she might have been in her past life... maybe a great lavender skinned warrior riding wild winged stallions in a sky of many moons... or a deep sea diver from a tribe that collected sea shells under the full moon light... I say, do you... show up... and your path may change as you continue to show up and say yes.

And here's to my cousin... She said... this is the year she's refocusing on herself... which I love. I reached out... like I did to my youngest when I got back from Nepal... I was wondering... if I had done something to upset her. We have grown distant over the last year. There is power in asking... I am not afraid of being vulnerable or course correcting.

So, this blog is for them... and anyone else struggling to find ways to connect under this New Moon of the New Year... what an beautiful ominous date too.... 1-11... We could dive deeper into angel numbers and numerology...But lets stop here.

Attached is a simple how to guide to enjoy this New Moon.

It's never too late... until it is.



New Moon 1-11-24
Download PDF • 6.14MB


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