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Let Me Introduce Myself

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Polly Behringer. I'm 52, a vegan, mother of two, grandmother... and a

frequent resident of the Walk of Shame... on any level. I practice Ayurvedic methods that raises my life force (energy) creating a high vibe of healing and teach others methods to release trauma held as tension in their body and emotional obstacles in their heart & mind.

When I was little...

...around 5 - 6 years old, I had a stranger-things kind of experience where I began bleeding from my nose, mouth, eyes and ears over the course of 2-3 days. My mother took me to a female doctor...a shaman living in the mountains of the Philippines. The bleeding stopped and I the visions began. My unnatural abilities have come full circle and I now I help others by teaching them how to harness their own abilities to heal, connect to source energy, expand their energetic fields, transmute energy and practice modalities to change the trajectory of their lives.

It's kind of creepy...

I'm able to see timelines; a traumatic event in someone's life that led them to a paradigm shift. I see where they were standing, the room around them, the air, the sunshine, color of their hair, the age they were... I'm able to describe the room and the feelings they were feeling... And because of this, I'm able to help them set themselves free. Not everyone wants to be free from their pains. Some are so intertwined with their pains they aren't ready to be free of it.

I can feel their struggle... and illness developing within them. I have an ability to heal very really fast; bones, open wounds, bruises. Sometimes, I can magnetize metals through touching them. I hear voices, see apparitions and understand what the body is calling for... I recognize the resistance we individually face...

Alternative modalities

If we just begin, we can all move faster in the direction we are meant to be living

  • Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep, one of the most powerful, easy modalities to heal yourself, reduce anxiety, ptsd, depression, release tensions in the body from pains... and find peace is something I teach and share on a large group scale. There is an immediate sense of euphoria. Most feel a floating sensation.

  • Fasting: heal yourself through your gut. Allow your body to metabolize damaged and aging cells

  • Movement: exercise... being in nature, hiking, kettle bells, steel mace... any kind of movement ups your life force energy.

  • Journaling: Release the mind chatter is the key to yoga... You can write your wrongs and let go of what is holding you back to heal yourself.

  • Trauma Release: Release trauma stored in your body as tension... Your body naturally knows how to organically release the traumas in your body creating more space and feelings of clarity

  • Energetic Spinal Realignment: aligning a person's energy to mind... where their body begins to realign their physical structure and feel a feeling of floating

  • Spiritual Readings with the pendulum: most want connection... we all have this ability, but not everyone is unblocked enough to receive the messages or guidance.

I'm not afraid of getting older...

I'm afraid of living a life unworthy of the opportunities I've been given. When I decided to embrace my greying hair, everyone warned me not to. The men and males in my life told me

it would make me look older and the females in my life questioned my mental health. I knew it was right choice even if it was unconventional back in 2018. There's power in embracing who you are unapologetically... I didn't have the aging experiences other women have had through menopause... I think because of the Ayurvedic practices and other holistic modalities, I've been able to not hit the wall so many others have.

Physical Challenges...

I'm all in again... writing a book and pushing myself to wrap up a bucket list the universe has been pushing me to invest in.

I love physical challenges... I did the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge twice. His book Can't Hurt Me, got me through some of my most difficult mental and physical struggles... pushed me through the healing process of a really bad wreck... I remember listening to it while scrubbing the burns on my legs. I cried the whole time... It was pure agony, but if he

could run on broken feet... I could do this. Plus, I've survived way worse...

4x4x48 Challenge

  • 4 miles

  • every 4 hours

  • 48 hours

  • 13 legs of workouts

  • if not able to do run the 4 miles, you had to do something equivalent to get your heart rate up and do 45 - 60 minutes of working out.

  • Start on time with David Goggins... or fail.

  • 2023 challenge is March 3rd - March 5th, 2023

I'm doing the 75 Hard Challenge by Andy Frisella again this year. The first time I did, it was a total awakening. I was all in the support groups, marking and checking off my lists... afraid I would fall short in any area and feeling I had to hold myself accountable to everyone... to prove I was doing it.

75 Hard Challenge

  • 2, 45 minute workouts. One must be outside in the elements. Workouts cannot be back to back

  • gallon of water

  • diet / meal plan (no cheat meals)

  • no alcohol

  • progress pic

  • 10 pages of reading a nonfiction book

  • 75 Days straight... miss or fail an area you begin back at day 1.

This time around, I don't need the support groups... I'm in a different head space and I'm going to be sharing it here. My journey. I kept record the first time I completed it. But I got so much flack for showing up in a bikini for progress pics... I felt shamed into the corner. This time, the only person holding myself accountable is me.

I'm going to be using my blog to share weekly about the changes, the struggles... and what I'm doing. If we were to leave a legacy for those we love... I'd like to believe I'd tell them anything is possible... and attainable... and to just begin!

Walk of Shame...

I'm no stranger to the walk of shame... I'm shamed most days. I get comments of being

raped, hated and being called a slut or worse. I grew up in home filled with trauma and endured physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse ever since I could remember. I've been molested by family and part of child pornography that was displayed in family albums as art... Yeah, pretty sick... I've been wrapped in blankets, punched, head bunted, slapped and choked out.

I've done things for money and for love out of desperation. I lived in constant fear of being left behind and abandoned.

I've lost my daughter in a custody battle, my daughters being kidnapped, trapped in my car on the railroad tracks between two men in vehicles blocking me in hoping I'd get out of my car. I've had my car stabbed by an insane stranger while being inside it. I've been jumped by a car full of women because I was the wrong ethnicity on the wrong side of town deep in Texas, I've been disowned by family and gun pulled on me... pointing in my face by a drunk family member... for no purpose except he wanted my bed mattress.

I have escaped death many times over.

I've lived in the ghetto... where I would rake up syringes in order for my girls to out and play in the yard. On holidays, we would have to lay on the floor because of drive-by shootings. The neighbor's house was broken into, robbed and their dog gutted. I cooked on a hot plate and lived in house that felt like a paper box with bars on the windows and doors.

When you have a messed up foundation, it affects your root chakra. This will leave you with so many holes in your personal well being, you will be unable to clearly care for yourself in every way. The only way forward is to through movement.

I know firsthand the horrible effects emotionally and physically from trauma... And I've developed ways to help others heal through alternative and holistic modalities leaving them empowered and feeling deeply supported.

The walk of shame is just another avenue for me. If it gets me there faster, than so be it. The only shame I've experienced is the shaming brought on by others. There is no shame in my game... This is my life & I'm owning it!

2023 is going to be a ride...

And I won't be holding back... I'll be pulling out all the stops on this amazing adventure. I'm just so grateful to be here now. I've come a long way and grateful.

I hope you decide to continue on this journey with me. Stay in the loop, subscribe to this website... follow me on social media... subscribe to my IG. You be you... and I'll show up being me... sharing all that I have to offer!


Polly Behringer

ig: @thegreybadass

tiktok: @pollylilabehringer


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