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Emptiness vs Spaciousness

It's inevitable when we shift into auto pilot that we discover things about us. These

discoveries are either true or not true. But the moments of our reality defined by our perception of how things are in our world molds our moments and can leave us feeling.... empty.

Not every morning that I wake up do I feel in love with this world... If I roll out of bed just right, I might fall into auto pilot. Auto pilot is where I don't want to be. This morning, I rolled over and sat at the edge of my bed looking out my window. I didn't pay attention to the sun streaming in... or the birds chirping... or the sounds of the trash man driving his trash mobile around the neighborhood. I was all into my feelings.

I've noticed a routine lately, that I've been falling into. And in that moment, I had a moment of feeling empty. But then I practiced a technique where I was able to view myself as a silent observer of my life. A practice integral to the modality I share of Yoga Nidra. As I was looking at myself staring out the window, I realized this isn't a feeling of emptiness. This is a feeling having space.

I have been working to clear out traumas held in the muscles, tissues and organs of my body. I have been healing on a deep level and increasing my awareness of personal power. I have been cultivating a connection to source through raising my daily vibration and listening to guidance within. I have been healing myself internally on a molecular and cellular level... That this feeling was in a way emptiness... Because in nothing, there are no-things blocking or confining you.

When we clear out space within us, we remove unhealthy and stagnant energy. We remove and let go of the tensions in our bodies where traumas or low, self limiting beliefs roam. Rephrasing how you're feeling is key to owning your life... I'm not empty... this is not emptiness.. This is more space for the energy within me.

If you feel lonely today, step back... and see your magnificent self from a place of personal power. See what is available to you.. and tap into that.


Polly Behringer

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Thank you Polly!!! You inspire me so much!!!! Living my best life and you enhance that❤️🌺🥳🌼🌻

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