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Fasting Heals

Fasting heals in ways taking pills and talk therapy cannot.

I'm not discounting the value of either of those things when they are needed to help you survive the day. But what if you could take back custody of your life, by controlling what you put in your mouth. In the book, A Road Less Traveled, it speaks on the power of "If you can't control what you put in your mouth, you can't control your life."

Fasting is a process of healing from the inside out and changing the trajectory of your wellbeing.

Fasting brings a new perspective to healing areas you may not know was possible.

The benefits of fasting brings about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes that develop overtime.

Energetic Benefits

  • clarity, self trust through gut intuition

  • releases stagnant and toxic chemicals and energy that leads to chronic illnesses and disease

  • opens your body up to vibrations of alignment allowing you to love, forgive and move forward

  • changes your sexual energy

  • increase your connection to others

Physical Benefits

  • helps you heal yourself from the inside out

  • changes your physical body

  • increases your vigor for living

  • reverses the signature signs of aging

  • extends your life span

Perceptional Benefits

  • shifts how you see yourself now, the disillusions of your past and your future

  • opens you up to knowing that anything is possible

  • paradigm shift

  • profound shifts of perception of self

  • increased awareness of self

  • increased awareness of others

Our vessel of self can be anything. But through limiting thoughts, we have forgotten. Fasting will help you remember.

Fasting can simply begin by limiting things in your life that don't fuel, feed or nourish your higher self.




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