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Lay Down & Let Go...

Healing what ails us physically, emotionally and mentally is available to each of us. The benefits of healing our body, mind and spirit multiplies the speed we travel on our journey to living the life we were born to live.

Join myself and others on this journey into deep relaxation. Join me in a place of simple healing. Join me where your body releases trauma stored as tension. Join me where your mind quiets and you find peace. Join me in the delta realm of sleep where the healing benefits of this vibration magnifies healing by 4 times. Join me in a place where you're able to turn back time, experience cell regeneration and feel its immediate benefits.

Yoga Nidra brings immediate physical benefits, reducing stress in the body and has the potential to heal psychological wounds.

Join me on most Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm CST for a free mini session of Yoga Nidra to experience the benefits on your own. You will be able to judge for yourself based on your own experience the benefits of this powerful practice. All you need is a place to lay down and a blanket or a pair of socks. During this practice your body will cool down, and staying comfortable is key to deep relaxation. If you are unable to lay down, have a comfortable place to sit back and recline uninterrupted. This mini session lasts about 25 minutes.

Subscribe and stay in the loop for more upcoming free sessions to experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra. Look for upcoming classes and courses to help you expand your own tool box of healing modalities.




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