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What if your Bucket List was doable?

At the bottom, I've included the Wheel of Life pdf. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me. I've modified it over the years to help me do more than I believed I ever would.

I know we can go on a journey together deep dive... spend time enveloped in the ever changing lessons of who we are... where we came from... and where we're going.

Polly in the Wichita Reserves
Hiking & boulder jumping

We could talk astrology and graze the surface. I don't want to know your sun... or moon sign... That's like saying my eyes are brown, but leaving out details that my father's eyes are amber like sun and my mother's dark like the night. Tell me what has been pulling you forward (your north node) or what has you clinging, holding on to familiarity (your south node).

Epigenetic, noncoding (junk) DNA and suppressed genes are within us like hidden galaxies. Universes filled with beauty and untouched by (physical) beings wait for us... to be willing to make the journey into the unknown of our own selves.

The cosmic sky, constellations, timelines and the dream world of sleeping bodies in an

awaken state... where vibrations send us into different realms of learning, releasing and astral traveling. We are not just the lives lived in years were able to count, but the lives we can't remember when we pull back the covers and open our eyes to another day.

A mentor once told me, "We are not gifted. Everyone has the ability to do what we do."
photo of the Milky way and a person hiking El Camino de Santiago in Spain
Milky Way & El Camino de Santiago

She's right... but she was down playing the role of action... and not everyone acts in pursuit of their dreams. Some feel dreams are to heavy of a burden to carry... too much work to do... and the benefits of acheiving them too small.

I read you have to create goals and dream impossible dreams if you want to see them come into fruition. If your dream (or goal) is too small.. doable.. definitely achievable... then the likelihood of you following through is slim to nothing.

I knew she and I didn't see things the same way.

A lot of people could run a marathon, but don't. They could become a doctor, but don't. They could summit foreign icecaps, but don't. They could write a book, but don't. We can all do many things, but many of us don't... But.... some of us will.

Free PDF created with you in mind!

Assessment is today's means of modifying tomorrow's instruction. I have this residual hate for assessments. It brings back memories of sales meetings, corporate offices... hierarchy of power, the feeling of not working together and bosses pitting employees to push numbers not community. Assessments bring back dreaded quarterly and yearly reviews; where the more you do... the more you get praised... your more becomes less... and the expectation becomes higher... hours getting longer, responsibilities larger and pay less... and less. It's a hamster wheel.

The other day on a TikTok LIVE I spoke about a WHEEL OF LIFE... to help you find out where you are... It's a single step in the journey... there's managing time... goals... vision boards and how to manifesting... But I spoke about placing the WHEEL OF LIFE out there freely for you to assess... and figure out where you are... and where to focus... and see how your life changes over the course of 4 weeks... if you paid attention to areas you were ignoring...

It will be interesting to see where you're at each week... Def share and let me know.



Life Hacks Guide Wheel of Life
Download PDF • 1.94MB


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