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Journal and Transform

If I could gift you with one phrase to help you find peace, release what's holding you back... move you through trauma... uncover your gifts... your passions... love fearlessly and be friends with failures, short comings and loss... it would be this...

Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah...

This one phrase practiced, remembered and sealed into your consciousness will move you through the most difficult and the most beautiful moments of your life. One of 196 sutras in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, I simply translate it as freeing yourself from the mind-stuff.

While studying in India, I couldn't remember for the world of me what sutras meant. I was pop quizzed in front of the class by one of our teachers, Swami Priyaananda, on the definition of the very word and I drew a blank. I was working tirelessly to memorize the very detailed definition, its origin of how it came to be. I was so deep in the mechanics of studying the sutras, I was missing the soft kindness the sutras were offering me.

I was stuck in the mind-stuff... the chatter... and I went blank because of it.

If I had stepped back and realized that association of sutras... and suture.. I would have seen the very powerful connection between the words. When we are healing, changing, evolving we are offered an opportunity to bring back together what has been torn.

When we journal freely and immediately before moving into our day, any sadness you may be feeling finds peace. Your worries find clarity in the planning and seeing your bigger picture. Your dreams and ideas find form and a place to manifest and grow. To pour from your cup in the morning; immediately onto the page is where you will find healing. But you must pour and pour and pour onto the page... and let go without worrying about grammar, punctuation... or reasons why you are writing what you're writing.

You are releasing the chatter of your mind... You'll find peace, clarity and the power of a consciousness wanting to help you find what you are looking for... If you find yourself struggling with the very act of journaling, please check out the course, Your Write to Heal.


Polly Behringer

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